Well Water in Texas

Well Water in Texas differs from region to region. Most groundwater from aquifers will contain a lot of dissolved minerals like Calcium and Magnesium from the limestone found underground. Houston’s major aquifer, the Gulf Coast Aquifer, can contain contaminants from pipeline leaks and accidental spills. It also contains brackish water from the nearby Gulf. Dallas’ groundwater has such poor quality, that the city doesn’t use groundwater as a city water resource. It only uses surface water.

Other contaminants to look for in well water can be Magnesium, Arsenic, Iron, and Sulfur. Sometimes smells can give away what is lurking in well water. If you have a rotten egg smell, that can mean Hydrogen Sulfide gas and bacteria. An Oil or Asphalt odor can be Manganese. Cucumber or Sewage Odor is usually a result of Sulfur bacteria, a very rare occurrence.

Many customers buy gravity tanks, large water tanks that use gravity to pull sediment and large particles to the bottom of the tank. Water is then drawn from the top of the tank. However, sooner or later, the tank must be cleaned out.

Our Katalox Air Induction System removes Iron, Sulfur, Manganese, Arsenic and odd colors from well water. Combine that with our Hyperion Elite Refiner to remove all minerals and chlorine, and you will have some great tasting and smelling water!

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