Salt Free Water Softener in San Antonio

The Hyperion Chameleon offers salt-free “green technology” using a 4-stage water refinement process, exclusively from Fidelis! The Hyperion Chameleon incorporates Purion® Magnetic Water Treatment Technology, Fidelis multi-stage salt-free water treatment system, and is controlled by our exclusive electronic digital control valve.


System Benefits

Salt-free technology

Bacteriostatic media

Reduces hard water effects and damage

Whole house water refinement





Salt-Free Refinement Process

  • Filtration

    Coconut shell granular activated carbon for the removal of offensive tastes, colors, odors, and chlorine.

  • Refinement

    Granular catalytic carbon for removal of chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, and iron.

  • Bacteriostat

    KDF process media to prevent bacterial fouling, control algae, remove chlorine, and remove up to 98% heavy metal and lime and scale buildup.

  • Conditioning

    Purion® magnetic water treatment makes hard water act “soft,” neutralizes pH, makes water “wetter” and oxygenates the water to make it healthier.

Refiner Tank Construction

  • Blow-molded, high-density polyethylene NSF and FDA approved inner shell, providing leak-proof and maintenance-free operation
  • External thermowound fiberglass windings for strength and working pressures up to 120 psi
  • Atmospheric break to insulate tank and eliminate condensation
  • Highly polished, 22 gauge stainless steel outer cover for a sleek appearance

The Purion® Water Conditioner

  • Exclusive Stage 4 Process
  • No chemicals added, No moving parts, No maintenance required
  • Whole house water refinement
  • Lasts a lifetime

*The Purion® Water Conditioner has been patented under U.S. Patent No. 5,161,512 and has been TueV certificate number S 9114578. Purion® is a trademark of AZ Industries, Inc. in Hardy, Arkansas.

Electronic Digital Control Valve

    • Electronic backlit display
    • No gears to break
    • Automatically calculates usage, capacity and reserve volume
    • Eliminates mechanical meter & cable
    • Motor only runs during regeneration
    • Flow indicator
    • Simply set time of day and hardness
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Find out how you can improve the long term health and safety of your family with clean water.

Salt-Free Refinement System
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