Reverse Osmosis Systems

Fidelis makes it easy to enjoy soft, clean, delicious water in your home with our reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs of this century, processing and treating water at a molecular level to remove any impurities and excess dissolved salts. Our FILMTEC™ TFC membranes offer superior filtration with more filter layers to separate water molecules from impurities. Our systems use your house water pressure to reject impurities from ordinary tap water, leaving you clean and great tasting water.

Fidelis Reverse Osmosis tank



We have combined this fantastic reverse osmosis process with other quality components to create a compact drinking water appliance that fits neatly under your kitchen sink!


Choose your own distinctive color options that are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Attractive, designer faucets will be the perfect feature for any kitchen, made with NSF-certified materials and stainless steel construction with a ceramic disc for positive shut-off.

Easy Maintenance

Servicing has never been easier with our exclusive, quick-connect cartridge filtration system which makes changing the filters yourself a snap! We can even hook up your icemaker and refrigerator water dispenser.

Pure Advantage

Our Pure Advantage system uses a 5-stage reverse osmosis process to create an abundant supply of clean, clear, great tasting water at your fingertips. Instead of purchasing hundreds of bottles of water each year, feel confident about the water in your home with a system that’s used by major bottled water companies. With our FILMTEC™ TFC Membrane for increased purification, this system is made for excellent performance, reliability, and serviceability.

System Benefits

  • Safe: Ideal for creating healthy baby formulas and safe for pets. Also perfect for those on low sodium diets and those with dry skin.
  • Delicious: Water for drinking, cooking, making ice cubes and brewing coffee or tea.
  • Convenient: Each system is built to last and offers quick-disconnect filters for easy maintenance.
  • Powerful: The Pure Advantage system is able to purify 50 gallons per day.

Pure Advantage+

The Pure Advantage+ system uses a 5-stage water refinement process featuring alkaline media. After removing impurities from your water using our breakthrough reverse osmosis process, like with our Pure Advantage system, this system adds minerals to your water for optimum health. Whether you want better-tasting water or you want your water to boost your immune system, the Pure Advantage+ system will take care of all your body’s hydration needs.

System Benefits

  • Detoxify: Remove toxins and neutralize acid wastes from your body that have accumulated.
  • Hydrate: Hydration is a basic necessity that we sometimes take for granted. Ensure “super hydration” by enjoying alkaline water so that your body can more easily absorb the hydrating properties.
  • Oxygenate / Antioxidants: Block free radicals from damaging your body; alkaline water converts them into oxygen, meaning you access increased energy production and tissue oxygenation.
  • Alkalize Your Body’s pH: Fight the high acidity of your body’s pH that’s caused by stress and environmental toxins.
  • Enhance Your Immune System: Make sure your body is able to fight off diseases by enhancing your immune system with the minerals involved with our Pure Advantage+ system.
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Find out how you can improve the long term health and safety of your family with clean water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems
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