Relief from all that Pollen

I was so excited to get the Beyond Guardian Air! My youngest son has always had slight asthma. He used a nebulizer when he was young, and now has an inhaler that he uses occasionally, especially when he catches a cold.  

The pollen where we live is terrible for allergy and asthma sufferers! According to, pollen counts are the concentration of pollen in the air over a 24-72-hour period. A scale was created to signify this concentration; it is from 1-12. 1 being the lowest, 12 being the highest concentration. Today our juniper/cedar quantity is 9-High, yesterday it was 9.7.  

Wanting our home to be a haven for my son from all this pollen, I have been wanting a Beyond Guardian Air for a while now. The Energy Star certified Beyond Guardian Air provides better-than-HEPA filtration and proprietary ActivePure Technology which is based on technology originally developed by NASA researchers for use on the International Space Station.  

Well, does it work? I’ve had my Guardian Air for about a week now. We have noticed a significant difference in nose blowing. Before, it didn’t matter if he was outside or inside, my son would be blowing his nose almost nonstop when pollen counts were high. We would then medicate him. Yesterday, blowing his nose all the way from church, he stepped inside our home and didn’t have to blow his nose when inside all day!

Here is my Beyond Guardian Air! She is pretty near silent and beautiful. We placed her behind our couch upstairs near our son’s bedroom.

This is such a relief for a worried mother. Call for your own Beyond Guardian Air today from Fidelis Plumbing! 1800-371-1910