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From your kitchen to your bathroom and everywhere in between, our local, certified plumbers have got you covered. Fidelis Plumbing has been providing our customers with the highest quality plumbing products and craftsmanship since 2012. We look forward to helping you!

Professional Plumbing Services in Texas

Are you looking for a professional plumbing services in Texas? If you have hard water in your home, you’ll notice issues such as soap scum and scale build-up on shower doors, a build-up of scale in appliances, such as kettles, dishwashers and washing machines, not to mention bad hair days and dry and irritated skin. But there’s also the unseen scale build-up in your plumbing and water heaters which, if left untreated, can lead to blockages and poor performance. Both San Antonio and Houston are home to some of the hardest water in the country and so if this is where you live, you’re probably experiencing some of these issues.

Water Heater

We service both gas, electric and tankless water heaters. Contact us to make sure you have hot water fast.Heaters need to be correctly sized for your home to maximize efficiency and repair can be dangerous for inexperienced homeowners. When we replace water heaters, we take the connections all the way to the wall and bring the brand new piping out of the wall to the heater.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are a popular household convenience, especially around the holidays. We install, repair and clear clogged garbage disposals to help you enjoy it year-round. Once the disposal does not grind or spin it is recommended to replace the unit as there is not a way to repair internal parts

Sewer Services

Don’t wait to repair your sewer problem. Our sewer line repair, replacement and cleaning services include running an augar through an outside clean-cut or indoor cleanout and using a camera through the cleanout to detect any sags, clogs, or breaks.

Shower Installation and Maintenance

Having issues with your shower? It just might be your shower valve. The shower valve is the housing that holds the cartridge that controls your ability to run hot and cold water on in the shower. We also unclog shower drains, repair shower leaks and install or replace shower fixtures.

Toilet Installation and Repair

Constantly running toilets can result in a higher water bill. If your wax rings go bad, they can cause water to leak out of the base of the toilet. We can replace wax rings, fit the flange which anchors the toilet to the floor, unclog toilets and rebuild internals inside the tank to prevent any leaks.

Faucet Installation

Fidelis faucet installations include adding new supply lines on the hot and cold emergency shutoffs, running the other end to the faucet, attaching the locking nut underneath the sink on faucet threads, and tightening the locking nut to prevent any unwanted movement on faucet. Whatever your kitchen or bathroom fixture need may be, we can install and fix it.

Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

Water softener installation can consist of a number of things. If the home is pre-plumbed and the waterline, drain, and standard 110 plugs are all built into the home by builders, we can install directly. In other cases, we may also include cutting under water heaters, cutting open drywall, climbing in attics, or even digging from under the water meter to the desired location.

Water Line Replacement and Rerouting

If your mainline is undersized, the old material is in bad shape or it has been repaired one too many times, we always recommended replacement. Replacement plumbing services include digging from the city water meter to the center of your home where we tie it to supply the whole home with water.

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The Fidelis Plumbing Unbeatable Triple Guarantee

When you install one of our cutting-edge water filtration systems in your home, you’ll be backed by our unrivaled triple guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

  1. 1

    Price Beat Guarantee

    In the unlikely event you find a lower price for the same product, we’ll beat it by 10%! Enjoy total confidence knowing you’re installing your water filtration system for the best price.

  2. 2

    99% Pure Water Guarantee

    We guarantee water so clean and pure it seems like it’s been funneled straight from the heavens to your kitchen sink. No more appliance-damaging, contaminant-ridden, skin-irritating and chlorine-tasting hard water. We’re so confident in our technology that we’ll return to check your water quality after 3 days. If it hasn’t removed 99.9% of contaminants, we’ll work for free until it does!

  3. 3

    Unmatched Lifetime System Warranty

    Our proprietary systems have been engineered to last a lifetime. If for any reason they don’t, we’ll provide a replacement at absolutely zero cost!

These Houston & San Antonio
Families Will Never Go Back To
Hard Water…

Matt and Carter work excellent together, they have installed my system outside and inside. I had my RO system running through my refrigerator at first. I recently changed it to a running faucet because of lower pressure coming from my refrigerator. They are quick and informative about all the steps they took to install my RO faucet. They are both very professional and I welcome them both anytime to install, repair or maintenance my home plumbing. Thank you Matt and Carter for your excellent work/install.

Aiden Ortiz

I have had the water filtration system for about a month now. Installation took two visits due to unforeseen circumstances. The company gave me extra soaps to make up for it to last me 10 years. A minor glitch as well installing the system which caused water to go everywhere. The installers apologized and cleaned up the mess. The water is soft and tastes great. It is very pricey which is the one downside of the system. Katy came to present the product and did a fabulous job. You can tell she loves her job and helping people have clean water in their homes. She communicated well with me when issues came up. Overall happy to have the system installed.

Colleen Mathews

My experience with Fidelis Plumbing has been great! We just purchased the water softener system and air purifier system and are very happy with both. Katy is our point of contact and she has truly been amazing! She came to our home and showed us our current water quality, and what it would be with the purification system. It is clear that she cares about her customers and wants to do right by them. She has provided excellent customer service for us and has been involved in every step of the installation process to ensure that everything goes smoothly! We will definitely be recommending her services to our friends and family.

Gabriella Buck

My skin feels like butter in the shower now! The service was great! Jeff was our representative. He was very knowledgeable of the system and enthusiastic. The installation team was very professional and informative. They did not leave until the job was done. Along with the water softener you get 5 years with of free soap!!!

Erica Marrow

I just had a water softener installed in San Antonio by Justin L. & Matt M. They were professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and made the installation process very smooth for me. After installation, they explained how the water softener worked and how to maintain it. I’d highly recommend.

Stephanie Garcia

Isaac Garcia & Justin Leyrer we’re both very professional, courteous, communicative, and friendly, not only with me, but with my dog and 16 month old son. Was happy to have them in my home and hope to have them for my next service call!

Ashley Monplaisir

I would definitely recommend Fidelis for plumbing needs. David Gonzalez and Jacob Sanchez were the technicians called to my order. They were very courteous and informative. I was more properly educated on my system, and learned some self-help methods to avoid future issues.

Thanks for the great service!

Michael Snell

My Fidelis rep Terrell provided a great explanation of products and all of the benefits that are provided with the systems. Very professional and courteous reps with not only sales, but also those who came to do the installation. I would definitely recommend and pleased doing business with them!

Kayla Squyres

Had my system installed back in 2016 under a different company name whom I lost contact with. My RO system lost pressure and after some digging online I found out they had changed their name to Fidelis. Called them up to see they still had me on file and scheduled a tech to come out. David Gonzalez and Jonathan Wycoff showed up to quickly find and fix the problem. Both were very polite and informative on what may have caused my problem. Before leaving they tested the water, checked out the softener system, and reconnected the RO line to the fridge for me. David even went a step further and gave me a much needed refresher on maintaining the softener system and it’s electronics yearly, how to restore it in the event of a power outage, and how to bypass the softner should I ever need to. Thank you to David and Jonathan for coming out and getting me back up and running.

Jose Salinas

Responded to a post card saying Fidelis had a package on hold. Knowing full well that it was a “sales pitch”. Turned out the “package” was a $25.00 gift card and to claim the gift card all we had to do is let a salesman come out and test our water and air quality. As we had just moved to the area and had a pretty good idea our water and air was not of the best quality this was just fine with us. Did not expect the “salesman” that came out. First and foremost he was not a “salesman”. He (Michael Fox, Water Technician) was a pleasure to “visit” with. He was very professional in his presentation and appearance. His presentation was enlightening and thorough. He was not pushy even when we explained that we weren’t ready to make a commitment to buy. He made a very good offer and very graciously accepted our decision not to buy his product.

M.C. Counts

I’ve had wonderful service with Fidelis Plumbing. Installation was quick. Customer service is excellent. Quick to respond to questions and service calls. I’m loving my new system. They also send out helpful hints to keep your pipes safe.

Stacie Brown

I will start by saying that I don’t really like their practice on getting customers, since it feels like a scam. That being said, everyone we worked with was an absolute pleasure. The guys that came out for the Install were super friendly, and were her not just to “do an Install” but also to make sure I was completely happy with the install and where the Softener was located. I would recommend them to anyone in the Hutto Area for a water softener!

John Williams

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