Particulate Matter in Your Air

Some areas just have better air quality than others. There are many particles in the air that could be affecting how you breathe, how you feel, and your general health. Tiny culprits in the air are called PM.  Particle pollution, or Particulate Matter (PM), is particulate matter in the air, usually measuring in the micrometers (millionth of a meter).  


Older adults, adults with heart and lung diseases, and children are especially affected by PM and the symptoms include:  

  • Eye nose and throat irritation 
  • Decreased lung function 
  • Asthma attacks 
  • Heart attacks 
  • Coughing and tightness of chest 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Irregular heartbeat 

A weather app on your phone can help with determining air quality. Mine, WeatherBug, even has an augmented reality feature where it animates “good” and “bad” molecules in what you see through your camera, so you can actually see what’s floating around, and at what rate, right in your own homeHere is an example:   

It can also tell you the air quality and advise you to stay indoors or if it’s safe to go outdoors.  


Air Quality Guide

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