Happy Spring!

With the change of the seasons comes the time for spring cleaning. Check out these hacks to make cleaning a breeze.

Our Top 5 Spring Cleaning Hacks

  1. Does everything in your closet “spark joy”? 

While purging your closet sounds great in theory, we can’t all be Marie Kondo. If you still want to organize your closet then this hack is for you. Double up on hanger space using old soda can tabs. Link hangers together using the two tabs and make room to hang your items. (Source)

  1. Fuzzy socks aren’t just for the winter. 

Instead of buying pad refills for your Swiffer you can use an old fuzzy sock. Save money and the environment! Pull the sock onto the mop portion and start sweeping. (Source)

  1. Use pillowcases to dust your ceiling fans.

Remove the dust that’s collected on your fan during the winter months by repurposing old pillowcases. Place the pillowcase over each blade and remove the pillowcase wiping it clean. It’s quick, easy, and avoids dust flying around your room. (Source)

  1. When life gives you lemons,… sanitize your garbage deposal.

Use fresh lemon or lime to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal. To keep your disposal clean and clog-free, run the disposal with the water running and drop quarter size pieces one by one into the drain. (Source)

  1. Can’t seem to achieve a spotless, clean home?

The soap scum in your tub and water stains on your dishes may be caused by hard water in your home. Having soft water can make a huge difference in your cleaning efforts especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Make your next spring cleaning easy and start with soft water throughout your home. 

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