What I Love about my RO

 In Water Refinement

Clean purified water right out of a faucet

There’s lots of worries now about the Coronavirus. People are buying up toilet paper and water like there’s no tomorrow. My family didn’t buy water because we have an RO. What is an RO?

An RO (Reverse Osmosis) is a water purification system that has thousands of layers of permeable membranes around a pipe like a roll of paper towels. The filter layers, like the paper towels, are wrapped tightly around a core pipe in the middle of the system, filtering out bacteria, particles, minerals, and chemicals. Water is forced through these layers by osmotic pressure, and then trickles into the center core pipe and into the tank, which contains a “bladder.” All the chlorine, minerals, and other contaminants cannot go through the membrane, and are therefore filtered out of your water.


An RO from Fidelis Plumbing means 50 gallons of fresh purified water a day with which to drink and cook. Don’t spend your hard earned money on bottled water. If 1 case of 16.9 ounce bottles of water from Costco costs $2.44, you would be spending $24.14 for every 50 gallons of water an RO can give you right on tap. Think of all the plastic that wouldn’t litter our landfills!


Call Fidelis Plumbing for a free water test at 800-371-1910. We will be happy to install your RO with a faucet right in your kitchen.

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