Are Whole House Water Filtration Systems Worth It?


The Short Answer: Yes. Get a Multi-Stage Water Filter

A water filtration system is one of those subtle little additions that improves your daily life in a dozen little ways. It might not be one of those luxurious new devices that’s exciting and entertaining, but it’ll be paying for itself, saving you money, and eliminating little frustrations long after it’s installed. Think of your multi stage water filter as benefitting everything that usually requires water in your home. If your heating is water-based, you’ll see more efficiency and less power consumed. Your dishes will look cleaner and have no murky film left on them afterwards. Your clothes will last longer. Your sinks, bathtubs, and showers will be ten times easier to clean on chore days. Your water will even taste better and be healthier for you, your kids, and even your pets. It might seem like an unnecessary purchase, but think about it: We use water for everything. We literally can’t live without it. Shouldn’t our water quality be crucial to us?




Why You Need Water Filtration Systems in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Across Texas?

See, water filtration in Houston and water filtration systems in San Antonio is a must. Houston and San Antonio are both areas listed as having hard water. You may have heard of water hardness or softness before in relation to things like your washing machine or dishwasher. If you haven’t, it’s pretty straightforward: Hardness refers to the concentration of various minerals present in your water, which changes how your water interacts with various parts of your home. Usually, calcium and magnesium are the big offenders in excessively hard water.

So, how bad could it be, right? Well, while it’s harmless to your health, it’ll eat away at your money and your patience over time. Hard water leaves behind limescale on frequently touched surfaces like sinks, showers, and dishes, which is incredibly hard to scrub off and leaves your bathroom and kitchen looking dirty and ugly. Hard water also affects your water pipes, over time, mineral deposits end up in the pipes, which decrease water pressure and make it harder for the water to heat up. Believe us, that’s a shower you don’t want to have. Perhaps worst of all, hard water can fade the colors on your clothing and make the fabrics more fragile. That favorite shirt of yours that just doesn’t look the same anymore? That’s hard water to blame.

Water hardness is just one issue that could be affecting your water. You might have seen other signs that you just didn’t know were related to your water. Have you noticed any sort of staining on your faucets, sinks, or clothes? Are you seeing faint splotches of green, blue, or orange? If you’re seeing greenish blue stains, you’re probably dealing with acidic water. It’s all in the name: acidic water can corrode your pipes little by little and let heavy metals into your water. You don’t want that. Orange stains mean too much iron in your water. Iron’s great for the body, in moderation. The worst you could deal with is bacteria in your water, which could case sickness to your family.

A water filtration system uses various increasingly small filters to catch any unwanted contaminants in your water, which include excess minerals, sulfur, iron, chlorine, bacteria, and more. By the time the water has passed through the final filter, it’s basically sterile. A good quality filter will even add some minerals back into the water to make it healthy drinking water. In other words, it’s keeping your home cleaner, more durable, and healthier for you. So yeah, it’s absolutely worth it.