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Eliminate contaminants from your air and water with lifetime-guaranteed, whole-home filtration systems installed by Texas’ premier plumbing experts

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Lifetime Warranty
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Drink Safe, Filtered Water And Enjoy That ‘Fresh Air’ Feeling In Your Entire Home

Want to drink clean, pure water straight from your tap… and enjoy that ‘fresh air’ feeling even when inside your home? Then you’ve come to the right place! At Fidelis plumbing, we install state-of-the-art water filtration and air purification systems for San Antonio and Houston homeowners.

All of our systems come with a lifetime guarantee, and they’re so efficient they’ll actually save you money in the long run. You’ll be able to eliminate 99% of harmful contaminants and enjoy pure, clean water and air the way mother nature intended them to be.

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Air, Filtered Water And Whole-
Home Plumbing

Water Filtration

Sick of disgusting scale build-up on your pipes, taps and water-based appliances? Worried about harmful toxins polluting your drinking water? Tired of hard water drying out your skin and hair? Then install a state-of-the-art filtration system and get safe, soft water flowing from every tap in your house.


Air Purification

Suffer from allergies or asthma? Eliminate germs and harmful contaminants from your air and make it easier to breathe. Our cutting-edge air purification systems filter out unwanted particles and fill your home with fresh, clean and odor-free air.



Need an experienced plumber to work on your home? Look no further! Unlike other companies who use unreliable subcontractors, we only send licensed plumbers employed by us. That means all work will be completed by an experienced, reliable plumber and meet our stringent quality standards.


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Put Your Home In Safe Hands With Texas’ Premier Whole-Home Plumbing Experts…

Lifetime Guarantee

Our water filtration and air purification systems are backed by a lifetime guarantee, giving you 100% peace of mind knowing they’ll last forever.

Quick And Reliable Service

Sick of lazy contractors who show up late or not at all? We have a 12-hour response time, and all our plumbers are fully licensed and 100% reliable!

Experts In Air And Water Filtration

Want a safer, healthier home with filtered water and purified air? We offer cutting-edge tech and world-class expertise to find the perfect system for you.

Veteran-Owned And Operated

As a veteran-owned company, we actively aim to employ other service men and women (and pay them 5% extra) so they can enjoy a successful post-service career.

6,500+ Happy Customers

We’ve helped 1,000s of San Antonio and Houston families with their plumbing, water filtration and air purification needs – and we can do the same for you.

6,521+ Houston & San Antonio
Families Trust Fidelis Plumbing…

My breathing has been a lot better, my sleeping has
been a lot better and my showers are awesome

My water was DISGUSTING!

I am so impressed! I was skeptical but
everything they told me is true

I never have to wipe my shower, it looks as if
its been cleaned on a daily basis

My husband hasn’t snored since the
day they installed it!

It’s worth the investment for your health

The Fidelis Plumbing Unbeatable Triple Guarantee

When you install one of our cutting-edge water filtration systems in your home, you’ll be backed by our unrivaled triple guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

  1. 1

    Price Beat Guarantee

    In the unlikely event you find a lower price for the same product, we’ll beat it by 10%! Enjoy total confidence knowing you’re installing your water filtration system for the best price.

  2. 2

    99% Pure Water Guarantee

    We guarantee water so clean and pure it seems like it’s been funneled straight from the heavens to your kitchen sink. No more appliance-damaging, contaminant-ridden, skin-irritating and chlorine-tasting hard water. We’re so confident in our technology that we’ll return to check your water quality after 3 days. If it hasn’t removed 99.9% of contaminants, we’ll work for free until it does!

  3. 3

    Unmatched Lifetime System Warranty

    Our proprietary systems have been engineered to last a lifetime. If for any reason they don’t, we’ll provide a replacement at absolutely zero cost!

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Plus, you’ll also find out if you qualify for our groundbreaking whole-house water system program that gives you 100% safe, delicious, soft water WITHOUT spending a dollar more from your monthly budget!


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